Tecto SV5

The Tecto SV5 is a new space-efficient semi-vertical multideck delivering a number of customer benefits. Designed on the same platform as the Viessmann MD5 and MD7 multidecks, the Tecto SV5 delivers more product volume for the same footprint compared to previous semi-verticals. Unified product design enables high visual impact throughout the store.

Key benefits

  • New roof design for larger display area
  • High product visibility with single doors
  • One more shelf row, more space for products
  • Integrated piping for easy installation
  • New bottom part insulation for minimal condensation and improved energy efficiency

Tecto SV5

Front height (mm)


External length (mm)

1250, 1875, 2500, 3750, end cabinets 1780, 1980

External height (mm)

1450, 1650

External depth (mm)

890, 990

Temperature range °C

+0...+2, +2...+4


R744 (CO2), brine

Energy Efficiency Class 

Doors C, open E-F

Tecto SV5 Panorama

External length (mm)

4500, 5750, 7000, 8250, 9500

External height (mm)


External depth (mm)


Temperature range °C

0 to +2 °C and +2 to +4 °C


R744 (CO2)

Energy label


Tecto SV5-30-89-145-GD

Tecto  SV5-30-89-145-OPEN

Tecto SV5-30-89-165-GD

Tecto  SV5-30-89-165-OPEN

Tecto  SV5-30-99-145-GD

Tecto  SV5-30-99-145-OPEN

Tecto  SV5-30-99-165-GD

Tecto  SV5-30-99-165-OPEN

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