Tecto VF1 Luxo /Luxo TD

A high volume freezer cabinet serie with great product visibility and volume.

Tecto VF1 Luxo is designed with a efficient lighting, large glass doors and optional glass end panels culminate in a complete solution with increased product visibility at its core. Tecto VF1 Luxo freezer is available with two models: classic full glass doors (Tecto VF1) and as new model with twin doors (Tecto VF1 TD), which refers to separate lower and upper door features. Tecto VF1 Luxo TD is a ideal combination of shelf presentation and island type base for frozen food variety. Efficient use of space where volume and display come together in balance. 

Key benefits

  • Large glass doors ensure great product visibility
  • Effective lighting
  • Black door frames available as an option for improved product visibility
  • Easy and fast merchandising and picking especially in VF1 Luxo TD
  • VF1 Luxo FGD and TD variants can be multiplexed together

Tecto VF Luxo

Tecto VF Luxo TD

External length (mm)

795, 1565, 2345, 3125, 3890 

height 2010: 1565, 2345

height 2210: 1565, 2345, 3125, 3890

External height (mm)

2010, 2210

2010, 2210

External depth (mm)



Temperature range °C




R744 (CO2)

R744 (CO2)

Energy Efficiency Class 







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Tecto VF1 Luxo EN

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