Tecto CF1 Nardo

A high capacity freezer that combines different product categories in a well-lit sales space.

Key benefits

  • Spacious and compact sales space
  • Effective lighting and enhanced product display
  • Island unit glass lids for extra energy savings

External length (mm)

1875, 2500, 3750, crown end 1468 

External height (mm)

2010, 2210

External depth (mm)

1120 (height 2210), 1250

Temperature range °C

Cabinet unit -23...-21
Cooler island unit +2...+4
Freezer island unit -23...-21


R744 (CO2), R507, R407A/R407F, R404A

TectoFreeze CF1_112_221

TectoFreeze CF1 125-201_220

TectoFreeze CF1 Brochure 765 KB
Viessmann remote cabinets user guide 4.56 MB

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