Restaurant and catering service „Im Gärtlein“, Germany

Concerning the catering of various kindergartens in the region, the owner of „Im Gärtlein“ Martin Freiberger was dependent on a sophisticated system of cold rooms to store various food. Many different hygiene standards are required to supply kindergartens and to obtain the therefore necessary EU certification.

Every day, Mr Freiberger makes around 400 kindergarten children happy with a rich, homemade lunch. In addition, he runs the restaurant "Im Gärtlein" which is also used to host parties and events.

Perfect hygiene of the cold rooms is a top priority for a supplier of kindergartens

Goods like fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat and beverages are stored in a total of five cold rooms and one freezer room. One cold room acts as a pre-cooling warehouse.

The cold rooms are all designed in such a way that there is direct access to the prekitchen in order to avoid hygiene risks from walking in from both sides.

All cold rooms have been planned by the refrigeration specialists from Heuberger Kälte Klima GmbH, headquartered in Bayreuth.

"The price of the cold rooms is really acceptable for the performance behind them and has definitely paid off" reports head chef and owner Martin Freiberger.

The handleless door minimises hygiene risks and simultaneously optimises space conditions

For the necessary EU certification as a supplier for lunch at kindergartens, handleless doors for cold rooms have also been required - a demand that Viessmann Kühlsysteme was able to meet with its portfolio. The handleless door offers optimum hygiene properties, as neither germs nor bacteria can stick to the handles.

The handleless doors have also been the perfect solution for space reasons: the cold rooms in the refrigeration cycle are partly installed in corners due to on-site conditions. When passing by with goods or opening the doors there is no risk of damaging the doors thanks to the handleless doors. 

All in all, it was an overall successful project with reliable project partners who were able to offer the right products for our highest hygiene requirements.

Martin Freiberger, owner and head chef 

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