Kiwi discounter store, Norway

Kiwi Barkåker – with a heart for the environment and solutions from Viessmann  

KIWI Barkåker meets a broad range of needs, from everyday to special occasions. As a discount store, they make high demands of efficiency and orderliness, and have about 4,000 customers per week, on average. KIWI Barkåker focuses in particular on organic goods and on reducing food waste, and as the only food store in the area, they have many local customers. Therefore, the store has an assortment that is much larger than in a standard KIWI store.  

Specially adapted refrigerated display cases were critical to us. I am extremely satisfied with the refrigeration solutions. The goods are easily accessible to customers, which helps increase sales. The products are nicely displayed and the display cases are attractive. 

store manager Ida Handeland

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