Circle K Bamble, Norway

The largest petrol station in Norway was planned with Circle K's main focuses on mind: The environment, the climate and sustainability. Viessmann contributed to this project with the knowledge and experience gained throughout the years, which resulted in the world's most modern road service facility.

Circle K Bamble offers a full-fledged, latest-generation road service facility to the people on the go, whether they need energy for their vehicles or themselves, with a simple little leg stretch and a coffee. With its location along the new E18, midway Oslo and Kristiansand it will be a natural stop for both leisure travellers and professional drivers, and an important hub for the locals in Bamble.

Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions delivered the turnkey solution to the location including a refrigeration system, cabinets, cold and freezer rooms, food preparation equipment and Tec2Track monitoring technology.

Tec2Track is a new remote monitoring tool which is scalable from small convenience stores or petrol stations to large hypermarkets. Tec2Track enables food retailers to monitor either a single store or even single cabinet if needed - up to a full network of stores. Tec2Track gives a full overview of refrigeration systems and cabinets, but in addition it can be connected to monitor ventilation system, lighting, access control and other facility management operations. In other words, it covers everything from temperature and energy monitoring to HVAC and whole building management system monitoring.

The products are well displayed, with good lighting and smooth surfaces, which has contributed to increased sales. I would also like to mention our technical room, that is controlled and surveyed by a person with high competence in this field. The fact that the temperature in our shop is adjusted according to the weather forecast is really cool. Now that everything is finished, I can safely recommend Viessmann to other clients.

Lindy Haukedal,  The store manager of Circle K Bamble

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