7-Eleven convenience store, Copenhagen, Denmark

New refrigeration solutions for 7-Eleven convenience stores

Reitan Convenience has 2200 stores in seven countries. It is one of the largest convenience companies in Europe and has a leading market position in all the countries they operate in. Viessmann has agreed to provide refrigeration solutions to all Reitan 7-Eleven stores throughout Europe. One of the first renovations took place in a 7-Eleven located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Viessmann and Reitan Denmark worked closely together to find the best solutions considering refrigeration solutions and aesthetics.

– We wanted to really focus on what the store should look and feel like, says Henrik  Thomassen. He works as a Convenience Manager at Viessmann.

Customer feedback mattered

One of the things Reitan Denmark and Viessmann really wanted to emphasize was to present the products in a way that the customers will actually buy them. To achieve this, they decided to ask for their customers’ opinion.

– What were the products they liked, what kind of products would they like to see in the future and so on, Thomassen says.

– When they mentioned an item, we then decided how to present it to make the best possible sales, he continues.

First of many to come

A tangible benefit of the new system is the fact that it produces less heat and noise.

– When a customer enters a store, the environment should feel pleasant. There should not be much noise and the temperature should be comfortable, Thomassen says.

As this was one of the first 7-Eleven refrigeration renovations, it will serve as an example for the upcoming projects.

– With this project, we provide guidelines on how to renovate the next stores, Thomassen concludes.

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