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Can food retail help to solve the world’s growing need for food? Viessmann and Vertical farming are rethinking agriculture by helping food retailers become food farmers. 

Vertical farming is helping to grow hyper-local food in the cities, on food retailers’ own premises. Vertical farms in logistic centres grow salads and herbs for the local store network all year round without pesticides or the risk of a poor harvest. Morever instore solutions keep the salads growing until they reach the shoppers’ home.

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  • Hyper local
  • 60% less fertilizer
  • 90% less water
  • 0% pesticides
  • No bad harvests
  • No waste or drop on nutrients
  • Greens rich with flavour and freshness

Growing food where people live

Kalera solutions builds farms into city centers where space is limited. Their farms grow lettuce and greens in vertical layers. Unlike a typical greenhouse, salads and herbs are not exposed to natural light. Instead, the growing process takes place in several layers under LED lights in optimized conditions.

No bad harvest or pesticides

From the vertical farms, the greens and living salads are transported directly to the food retail stores. There are no middlemen and there is no cooling chain whatsoever. Delivering directly to the food retail stores ensures the salads nutrients and flavour are not ruined.

From the food retail store to the consumer’s plate

In the retail store, the greens are displayed on their trays in special refrigerated cabinets from Viessmann. The cabinets continue to maintain the ideal conditions, temperature, lighting and humidity, so the salads continue to grow for another 3-4 days. During the whole process, the salads’ roots remain intact keeping them alive and growing.  Even at home, the salad still continues to grow before being cut for use. There is no waste or drop in nutrients. Consumers enjoy high-quality greens, rich with flavour and freshness.

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