Installation work is a constant race against the clock

Viessmann installation team

Your time has a value but unlike money, time cannot be refunded. In installation work, the clock is against the installer. Installation work inevitably means unproductive downtime for our clients’ businesses. We want to cut the client downtime to an absolute minimum. Our clients’ goals are our goals.

As humans we are masters in multitasking to cut time. Multi-tasking is often considered as the ultimate sign of productivity. But, constantly flitting between tasks is counter-productive and we're more likely to make human errors.

To streamline the installation process significantly and decrease the frequency of human error, Viessmann Refrigeration created PipeMOST.

There are often many meters of piping in a typical retail store. Traditionally installation partners make pipe connections at the premises during the installation, and it takes a lot of time to measure, plan, cut, bend, place and solder the pipes.

Viessmann Refrigeration’s innovative PipeMOST solves the challenge with factory installed standard elements. All that needs to be done at the client’s premises is to connect the pipes in the cabinet line. The more time we save, the more efficient, the more productive and the happier we and the client are.

The streamlined installation offered by PipeMOST reduces the time the client needs to keep their premises closed. The longer the premises are kept closed, the more it affects client’s business. Re-opening the store for the client’s customers as quickly as possible is one of the key targets of the installation work.

Viessmann Refrigeration PipeMOST facilitates installation work, significantly reduces the duration of the entire process, and ensures high-quality operations during the cabinet’s lifetime. PipeMOST saves over two hours of installation time for each 8 cabinet line.

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