Making Work Easier and Improving Quality: Discover our new TectoCell Video Instructions

TectoCell Standard Plus cold room

From the correct leveling of the cold room floor to the replacement of the rubber gasket of the cold room door: When installing and servicing TectoCell products, there are many steps which must be carried out correctly in order to obtain a stable, energy-efficient and perfectly functioning product.

We had a look at the most common problems and mistakes which happe during the installation and servicing process and have decided to counteract the nine biggest sources of error with detailed video instructions.

Biggest sources of error most common in the area of element tightness and evenness

Above all, the formation of gaps between cold room elements is a major source of error. These gaps occur when wall and floor elements are not properly aligned and connected. The basis for straight cold room elements is a precisely level cold room floor. This can only be achieved using the correct leveling method.

The number one source of thermal bridging in cold and freezer rooms are the doors. These must also be set correctly in order to ensure that the interior is sealed, thereby minimizing the risk of thermal bridging, and maintaining an energy- and cost-efficient TectoCell cold room.

TectoCell revolving doors come with individual parts which should be serviced regularly and, if necessary, be replaced. We have also recorded video instructions for these specific door parts.

With the help of detailed subtitles, the videos can be viewed quickly and easily on site and on a smartphone - all without the need for headphones or speakers.

We hope you enjoy our new installation and maintenance video instructions!


Correct Locking and Leveling of TectoCell Wall and Floor Elements

Correct Adjustment of TectoCell Sliding and Revolving Doors

All about the TectoCell Revolving Door: Replacing and Installing Various Components

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