Insights to the cooling business  

Minimising refrigerant leaks with the latest innovations


Despite continuing technological advances and innovations, refrigerant leaks worldwide are a challenge for many food retail and food service operators, affecting their profits and bottom line.

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Economical, innovative and climate-friendly: Viessmann's new Tecto RF WMx3 refrigeration units


Is there anything that can be done to keep up with the steadily increasing number of requirements related to energy efficiency and environmental protection? We collected all of the information for you and present our new refrigeration unit family which meets all of the latest EU regulations.

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Making Work Easier and Improving Quality: Discover our new TectoCell Video Instructions


With our new TectoCell installation and maintenance video instructions we offer you the opportunity to avoid common installation and service mistakes!

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Our newcomer with the best features: the handleless magnetic door


Restaurant owners are familiar with this scenario: a quick trip to the cold room to fetch ingredients or drinks, then quickly back to the kitchen or the dining room. But wait! Is the door of the cold room really closed?

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Easy Cold Room Floor Connection to Conventional Floors


The correct, hygienic connection of cold room elements and the surrounding floor of commercial kitchens is essential for reducing hygiene risks and increasing the lifetime of said cold rooms. Take a look and discover how this is done correctly!

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ECO design and energy labelling come to effect in March 2021


ECO design and energy labelling directives come to effect - what exactly do they mean?

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Installation work is a constant race against the clock


Your time has a value but unlike money, time cannot be refunded. In installation work, the clock is against the installer. Installation work inevitably means unproductive downtime for our clients’ businesses. We want to cut the client downtime to an absolute minimum. Our clients’ goals are our goals.

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A staggering 13%* of the world’s food production is lost due to a lack of refrigeration


How would you feel if every ten days, the result of your work day was automatically thrown in the trash, no matter what you achieved that day?

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Future-proofing your refrigeration the “natural” way 


As pressure builds to meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets, the global retail sector is increasingly switching over to natural refrigerant systems to do their part for the environment – and their pockets.

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