We care for safety – information from Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions

Viessmann cares for safety

Dear Customer and Business Partner,

Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions first focus is on ensuring our customers and our employees’ safety in the rapidly changing COVID-19 epidemic and do our part to help prevent the spread of this illness.

Viessmann follows closely the recommendations and instructions of local authorities and World Health Organization (WHO), and we will adjust our actions accordingly when needed.

We would like to inform of our current company contingency plans as follows:

  1. We have instructed all personnel to reduce physical contacts to minimum and work from home-office when possible.
  2. We have instructed all personnel with any symptoms of flu to immediately stay at home and follow the instructions of the local health authorities.
  3. We have instructed all personnel to pay high attention to hand hygiene and provided hand disinfectants as well as increased our facilities’ cleaning frequency.
  4. Employees with an increased risk-profile have been separately consulted.
  5. We have limited all non-essential business travel and hold all meetings via phone or using online conferencing systems. All sales people as well as our office teams have easy access to online meetings which they can use to consult with any topic, share information and review documents.
  6. We do not allow external visitors at our premises in sales offices or factories excluding business critical visitors, such as maintenance people, who are allowed upon the approval of the local MD and by following our health and safety regulations on-site. Instead of the physical meetings we use conferencing systems as a suitable alternative to face-to-face contact.
  7. Our installation, service and maintenance personnel have been instructed to follow the on-site health and safety instructions and reduce all physical contacts to minimum. During lunch and coffee breaks, mechanics are instructed to take breaks in shifts in the canteen or site hut or preferably in the company car.
  8. Director’s approval is required for any exceptions to the above in order to manage the changing risks during this uncertain period.
  9. We proactively follow-up with all our suppliers, sub-contractors, logistic providers and partners to keep us informed of their own contingency plans and to keep us updated on the delivery of core services.

These contingency plans apply until further notice and are updated if required.

Delivering of products and services

We aim to protect and support our staff during this uncertain period and continue to deliver core products and services to our loyal customer base. No external visitors, including logistics people, are allowed to enter our production facilities unless approved by the local MD. We will continue to work together in partnership with our supply chain to secure continuous production flow and in case of disruption have soonest communication to all parties involved as a top priority.

Some governmental measures might have an impact on the transportation routines. In case of delays in deliveries or missing parts our local sales representative will keep you informed.

Postponing projects or deliveries

We will individually review the status of the projects or deliveries upon your requests. If you implement additional health and safety measures, we kindly ask you to contact our sales responsible.

This information is based on the current situation. Changes in the outbreak pattern, government measures or other matters may have a significant impact and we will take additional actions if needed.

Yours truly,

Frank Winters

CEO, Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions