K-Supermarket Centrum, Finland 

The high demands of a modern grocery store were fulfilled by Viessmann Refrigeration Systems

In the summer of 2021, the newest K-Supermarket in Turku, Finland was opened at the heart of the city center. It is a unique concept because there is a full-scale lunch and à la carte restaurant operating inside of the grocery store. When choosing a refrigeration solution to fit these demanding circumstances, the owner wanted to focus on ecological values and energy saving. The owner praises the cooperation with Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions and especially their high-quality products – Their refrigeration solution and cabinets have proved that they can meet even the most toughest requirements.

K-Supermarket Centrum is located at the heart of Turku and it was opened in June 2021. Within this brand-new grocery store, there is also an atmospheric restaurant called Bistro Centrum.

– We have actual chefs and a full-scale restaurant kitchen at Bistro Centrum. It serves the needs of the current consumer culture. You can easily pick up food as takeaway or you can dine while you shop. We aim to leave people more free time for their busy daily lives, explains the owner Veli-Pekka Hussi.

Well-known partner won the tender

While the grocery store was at its planning stages, it was a self-evident part of the process to put the refrigeration solution out to tender as well. Viessmann won the tender at the end and Hussi could not have been more pleased.

– I was really happy that Viessmann won the tender because I have worked with them before –actually throughout my whole career as a k-retailer. My experiences of working with them have been good, Hussi says.

Viessmann delivered Centrum a full range of refrigeration cabinets. These include a certain number of integral cabinets as well as remote cabinets which are operated with the CO2 TectoRacks. The aim was to have glass doors on every possible cabinet to correspond with the current standards of energy saving.

– Being ecological is an important value for us. We aim to minimize energy consumption by having glass doors on the cabinets and integrated lids on the freezer islands. The built-in LED lighting helps the products stand out better from these glass-doored cabinets, Hussi describes.

The beverage department gets a special thanks from Hussi. Its see-through glass design showcases the products nicely and the widths and heights of the racks are just perfect for displaying different craft beers and ciders.

A good package with functioning after-sales

– With my years of experience, I would say that anything Viessmann has ever delivered, has always been of high-quality. If there have been any issues, they have been resolved accordingly. I think that every piece of equipment runs reliably even after years of use, Hussi praises.

– I can recommend Viessmann to others. They deliver a full package which is reasonably prized, gets you quality products and the after-sales is also done well. I think every owner should be demanding regarding the refrigeration solution they have and, in my opinion, Viessmann is a great partner that can fulfill these high demands, Hussi concludes.

I can recommend Viessmann to others. They deliver a full package which is reasonably prized, gets you quality products and the after-sales is also done well. 

Veli-Pekka Hussi, owner of K-Supermarket Centrum 

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